Wednesday, July 27, 2016


SOME DAYS you will start crying and you won't know why but when you tell a Peace Corps friend they will hug you and make you feel 100x better. 

SOME DAYS you will feel like you don't have anything to talk about with your host family but OTHER DAYS you will find you have lost track of time, talking for hours about life with them. 

SOME DAYS you will question why you joined the Peace Corps in the first place but OTHER DAYS you will have beautiful experiences that you would never had had if you had decided to never leave home. 

SOME DAYS you will feel like a child, because you need to learn anew how to take buses and how to order a meal correctly, but ONE DAY you will feel like a pro. 

SOME DAYS you will feel like you don't know any Spanish, you can't communicate how you are really feeling and you can't understand anything that is going on but OTHER DAYS you will get the joke that your sister made at the dinner table and make one back that your whole host family will laugh at.

SOME DAYS you will be completely frustrated with your students but OTHER DAYS when a student who has had trouble really understanding something, finally completely understands, your heart will fill with joy. You have helped instill a bit of confidence in that student. 

SOME DAYS you will be scared out of your mind, nervous that an earthquake will happen at any minute, and on the verge of going home. OTHER DAYS you will be so preoccupied with life that earthquakes won't cross your mind, not even once. 

SOME DAYS when you have moved to site and you're not surrounded by other PCV friends any more, you will feel lonely but OTHER DAYS your new kitty that you will adopt will wake you up with snuggles and you will feel  a bit less lonely.

SOME DAYS will be nothing but sadness, fear or exhaustion but OTHER DAYS will be absolutely breathtaking, joyful and full of love. These days will be the ones that stand out. 

OTHER DAYS will happen more frequently then you may think. OTHER DAYS will be the days that make it all worth it.

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